Mosman Council selects PV Industries to recycle solar panels

Loani Tierney from Mosman Council and PV Industrie's James Petesic

PV Industries was selected by Mosman Council to collect and recycle a decommissioned solar system, diverting 1.6 tons of waste from landfill.

The solar system on top of the Marie Bashir Sports Centre adjacent to Rawson Oval was being replaced with a new, more powerful system. Mosman Council made the decision to replace the ageing 15kW system after an inspection revealed water ingress issues and micro cracks which affect both safety and efficiency.

Mosman Council also recognised regulatory changes which contributed to the decision to upgrade the solar system. Australian Standards have evolved significantly over the past eight years since the first set of panels were installed, and components of the old system did not meet the Clean Energy Council’s certification criteria.

The new 51kw system is expected to increase the centre’s solar electricity generation by 70%, and save 61.2t of carbon dioxide emissions each year. A display panel was installed within the centre that shows live electricity generation from the system.

James Petesic, from PV Industries, explains how solar panel development is changing the industry. “The rapid advancement of solar panel technology has lead to substantial gains in efficiency. This means that often owners can replace their ageing system with a new one which will produce more electricity, save costs and greenhouse gas emissions whilst being compliant with modern standards.”

Choosing to recycle the system meant that the 84 solar panels (1,344 kg), aluminium racking and cables (266 kg) and three inverters (66.9 kg) were diverted from landfill.

“The service provided by PV Industries was exceptional. They explained the solar panel recycling process in detail and helped us to achieve our common goal of reducing waste sent to landfill,” said Mosman Council’s Loani Tierney.

PV Industries looks forward to working with Mosman Council again in future.

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