Solar Panel Fire at Sydney School

The Kings School Six Maps

The Daily Telegraph reported a fire sparked by a solar system at The King’s School in Parramatta, Sydney, last week.

“An overheated solar panel sparked a fire at the prestigious King’s School at North Parramatta on Thursday.”

“NSW Fire and Rescue dispateched crews to the Pennant Hills Road private school after a call to triple-0 raised the alarm about the fire in the school building shortly before 10:30am. About 100 students were evacuated.”

“A King’s School spokesman said an isolation switch in a solar panel on the roof above a classroom block, situated in the senior school campus, had over-heated and caused the fire warning system to activate.”

We recently published a FAQ article – How do Australian Standards affect solar panel end of life?

In this article we examined changes to Australian Standard 5033. In particular an amendment came into effect from the 28th of June 2019. This amendment simplified the process of selecting an isolation switch and was important because it improves design and installation practices, and reduces the risk of overheating and fire.

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