Greentech Partners with PV Industries

Greentech Team

Greentech has partnered with PV Industries to launch its first solar panel recycling drop off point at their flagship Sydney store.

Greentech is Australia’s largest wholesaler network of Solar and Renewable Energy specialists.

The drop-off point is another avenue for the industry to sustainably dispose of solar panels they remove, where they will be collected by PV Industries for recycling.

“We are proud to support our customers with this initiative by providing them with an easily accessible solar panel recycling drop-off point in Sydney,” says Sam Groves, Business Development Manager at Greentech. “The number of solar panels being replaced is growing quickly, so it’s important that we work with companies like PV Industries to address this issue.”

James Petesic, co-founder of PV Industries, welcomes industry partners to form part of the solar panel recycling solution. “We are really excited about this partnership. It’s getting easier and easier to recycle your solar panels and we look forward to building on this.”

If you have solar panels that need recycling or you would like to enquire about using the Greentech drop-off point you can contact us for more information.

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