UTS Industry Survey


The Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF), University of Technology Sydney (UTS) along with project partner PV Industries is investigating the feasibility of a whole-of-supply chain approach to reuse and recycling of end-of-life solar panels and energy storage batteries in NSW and Australia.  This project is a NSW Environment Protection Authority initiative funded from the Circular Solar Trials program.

This is the most comprehensive attempt to capture data for end-of-life solar panels, decommissioning and disposal practices in Australia.

If you’re interested in having your voice heard it only takes 10 minutes to complete this survey and the information captured will be used by our industry to help inform policy making.

Survey responses will be aggregated and reported anonymously.

The survey forms an essential part of PV Industries Circular Solar Trial project funded by NSW Environment Protection Authority to gather data and support the development of the solar panel recycling industry in NSW and Australia.

To participate in the survey

There are two survey streams:

  1. If you are in the solar industry (e.g. solar installer, developer, owner, EPC, O&M) click here.
  2. If you are within a government department, local government (councils), waste facility etc click here.

If instead of completing the survey online, you would prefer to talk to one of the researchers instead, please get in touch with Kriti Nagrath Kriti.nagrath@uts.edu.au from ISF to set up a suitable time.

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