Podcast Feature: Executive With A Cause


In this episode of Executive with a Cause, host Tammy Ven Dange chats with James Petesic, Co-Founder of PV Industries.

How does a young company maintain vision whilst ensuring financial viability? And how can the lifecycle of solar panels be better managed and tracked? In this episode, we hear from Co-Founder James Petesic on how he maintained the foundational values of his social enterprise whilst growing solar panel recycling venture PV Industries.

Impact investment requires a different mindset to traditional Return on Investment focused funding relationships. On this, James explains how PV Industries have balanced attracting investors whilst serving the company’s values and sticking to a niche market. Furthermore, we hear how they have demonstrated ‘trusting the process’, and waiting for the right opportunity rather than premature growth.

We also learn about tracking the lifecycle of solar panels, and the opportunity to improve this process in Australia.

Finally, James explains their future plans and desire to increase their scale and revenue from material recycling, as well as improve the reputation of waste management.

To listen to this podcast episode click here.

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