We have developed our own, first of a kind, solar panel recycling technology.

How is PV Industries different?

Unlike other shredding, cutting or crushing processes, we have developed a unique recycling process that separates piece by piece. This results in output materials with lower contamination and higher suitability for reuse in local manufacturing.

Our Solar Panel Recycling Process

Contact PV Industries to arrange collection for your solar panels and solar equipment for recycling or alternatively drop off at one of our facilities or aggregation points. 

The solar panels and other equipment will be transported to our facility for processing. 

When the solar panels and other solar equipment such as racking and inverters arrive at our facility, they are sorted into different processing streams. 

The frames, junction boxes and cables are separated from the solar panel. We have developed unique machinery that is able to do this safely and efficiently. 

The aluminium racking, aluminium frames, junction boxes and cables are immediately recycled. This leaves behind the various layers of the solar panel – glass, EVA, silicon wafer and backsheet.

Once the frames, junction box and cables are removed, the solar panel is processed further to separate the glass. 

We have developed first of a kind technology that separates the glass from the EVA, and silicon wafer. Unlike other cutting, crushing, shredding or heating methods, our process produces clean glass with low contamination that is highly suitable for reuse in local manufacturing. 

The remaining silicon wafer and backsheet equate to approximately 10-15% of the solar panel by weight. This material is processed to recover the trace amounts of  copper, silver, aluminium and other metals. 

All of the recovered materials are sent to local manufacturers to make new products. These include aluminium, glass, plastic, copper and other metals. 

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