Are you conducting research and development into solar panel recycling and associated technologies? 

System Recycling

We provide a one-stop-shop for solar recycling including inverters, mounting equipment and cables.​

PV Industries is committed to local research and development of the solar panel recycling industry. Working with leading Australian universities and other partners we aim to improve the efficiency of solar panel recycling machinery. 

This research focuses on finding new ways to deconstruct solar panels. Discovering new ways to recover the materials means less processing may be required for them to be reused in manufacturing. 

How can I help?
Any solar panels that PV Industries collect for recycling are made available to our research and development partners, who then use them for testing. If your panels are selected for testing we will let you know!

If you supply machinery or technology, or are contributing to solar panel recycling research and development, we’d like to hear from you!

Questions about research and development?