Improving the solar industry by reducing its environmental footprint

About us

PV Industries are a start-up waste management company aiming to minimise Australia’s environmental footprint. 

The solar industry is filled with positive connotations in what is considered a green renewables market. However, when it comes to waste, things don’t seem so green after all! 

Currently, there are limited options in Australia for individuals, installers and electricity generators to dispose of solar panel waste. Nearly all solar panel waste goes to landfill. PV Industries are leading the way in establishing partnerships and comprehensive solutions to Australia’s growing solar waste problem.

Our goal is to reduce the amount of solar panel waste sent to landfill by providing markets for reuse and recycling as much material from recovered waste as possible

Our Values


PV Industries are leaders in solar panel waste management and we aim to shape photovoltaic (PV) recycling in Australia. Through strong leadership we believe we can deliver real action by educating society and demonstrating the benefits of solar panel reuse and recycling.


PV Industries grew from strong moral principles in an attempt to reduce Australia’s environmental footprint, so integrity is at the core of our business. Our high level of service is founded in honesty which allows us to build trust with our partners and clients. 


We believe that our collective society should be held accountable for the waste that we create. Many Australians are sceptical of recycling, misinformed and lack an understanding of how their waste is managed and recycled. We aim to change this, being held accountable by our customers as they deserve to know what happens to the waste they recycle.

Our Services

PV System Decommissioning
(Sydney Metro)

We are pleased to now offer full system decommissioning for the Sydney Metro region. This includes removal and recycling of racking, cabling, inverters and batteries. If you are unsure if you fall into this area, contact us for more information.

Solar Panel Recycling

PV Industries are able to facilitate the collection, transport and recycling of end of life solar panels. Through a combination of reuse and recycling we are providing a solution to landfill whilst maximising the resources from the solar panels. Any panels that are put back into the market for reuse will be taken back by us for recycling.

Research and

Customers who use our decommissioning and recycling services will be supporting local Australian research and development into new technological advancements and procedures. Panels that are collected may be given to our research partners who will use them for testing purposes. Don’t worry though, if your panel(s) are used for this purpose, you will be notified and all the components will still be recycled when testing has finished!

Our Industry

In Australia, one in five households have rooftop solar, and large utility scale installations are consistently being connected to the grid. The solar ‘boom’ began in 2010/11 with government rebates driving exponential growth in the sector. Most of these panels have a 20-30 year estimated lifespan, however we are beginning to see a significant stream of end of life panels already. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) estimate, in Australia alone, there will be 175,000t of accumulated waste by 2030 and 1.5 million tonnes by 2050.

Australia leads the world with rooftop PV on 1 in 5 households


We are an Australian start-up aiming to reduce our environmental footprint and make society better off by diverting solar panel waste from landfill.

There are many reasons someone may need to dispose of solar panels. Solar panels may be damaged during manufacturing, transport or construction. They may also be damaged due to weather (such as hail storms). Some panels might be faulty or problems may occur during use. Rapid advances in technology can make it economically feasible to upgrade to more powerful and efficient systems.

Solar panels contain hazardous materials which can potentially damage the environment, through the production of leachates in soil, groundwater, rivers and oceans. The materials from solar panels can also be recovered and recycled, such as glass, aluminium and copper. These materials hold economic value and recycling them reduces the need for further production.

The panels are transported to the PV Industries MRF, de-framed (if not already) and stored until our recycling plant is operational.

Firstly, de-framing is a precursor in the recycling process, before the glass and other materials can be recovered.  Secondly, de-framed panels take up 7x less space than framed panels and finally, PV Industries are the first (and only) company to have an automated de-framing machine in Australia. 

We are currently exploring methods for identifying reusable panels and the markets in which they can be used, however, the majority of panels that are being disposed of are either damaged or faulty. Our aim is to reduce our community’s environmental footprint and we strive to do this in the most efficient and beneficial way possible.

Yes, solar panels are included in the ban. New legislation came into effect in Victoria as of July 1st 2019. As part of that legislation solar panels are no longer accepted in any landfill or bin. PV Industries recycling process gives you the tick of approval needed to comply with the ban!


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