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PV Industries grew from an idea to make the world a better place. We truly believe we can have a positive impact on the environment through shaping the future of PV recycling in Australia. We aim to achieve this through developing durable partnerships and delivering a high quality service, allowing us to prevent solar panel waste going to landfill and instead breaking down the panels to harness their raw materials.

Currently, there are limited options in Australia for residents, retailers, installers and electricity generators for their faulty, damaged or end of life panels. We are leading the way in establishing comprehensive and real solutions to Australia’s solar waste problem.

Our Services


PV Industries is an Australian owned company, committed to providing high quality services for the collection, recycling and recovery of resources from end of life solar panels.


PV Industries have cultivated connections with global industry leaders with the aim of bringing advanced recycling technologies to the emerging solar panel recycling industry within Australia. In order to achieve this objective, PV Industries are working with local and state government bodies to put together a plan for the future to tackle the challenges of the waste left behind by photovoltaic panels.

Expert Solutions

We currently offer waste collection, transportation, dismantling and treatment services to both public and private sector clients. Through our partnerships, we are able to offer our customers expert solutions and comprehensive waste management programs to recover resources from PV module waste.

Australia leads the world with rooftop PV on 1 in 5 households

Our industry

In Australia, there are currently over 2 million small scale (domestic) solar panels installed with the large utility scale installations dwarfing that figure. The solar ‘boom’ began in 2011/2 with Government rebates driving exponential growth in the sector. Most of these panels have a 20-30 year estimated lifespan, however we are beginning to see significant feedstock of end of life panels already. Estimates show that by 2050, there will be 60-78 million cumulative metric tons of PV waste; with Australia in the top 10 largest solar installers globally.

PV Industries are uniquely positioned to deliver a sustainable solution to the renewable industry to ensure PV waste is kept out of landfill and ensure the highest percentage of materials are recovered efficiently.

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