Solar panel waste management and recycling.

90 million solar panels are already installed in Australia. Where will they go?

In Australia, one in four households have rooftop solar, and large utility scale installations are constantly being connected to the grid. Solar systems installed by early adopters of the technology are ageing, and many owners will often find it is more cost effective to upgrade their systems to a newer, more powerful one. Often solar panels fail while others are damaged by storms, fire or even during transportation and installation. Solar panel recycling is a sustainable alternative to landfill. 

We are leading the way in solar panel recycling in Australia and it is our aim to stop solar panels from entering landfill. 

There are numerous economic and environmental benefits to solar panel recycling. Not only does it prevent toxic leachates from entering soil and groundwater,  the  recovered materials can be reused, supporting local manufacturers by improving efficiency and increasing security of future supply. 

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PV Industries, is leading solar panel recycling in Australia.

  • Our approach is based on circular economy principles.
  • We prioritise high value recovery pathways.
  • We have developed a unique solar panel recycling process that maximises recovery and quality of recovered materials..
  • We process all of our waste in Australia to support local manufacturing, industry growth and job creation.

We have drop-off points available to the public in both Melbourne and Sydney.

We provide a range of services from residential homes to commercial installers and utility scale installations and EPCs. Find out more about what we do by accessing our services page or clicking one of the service options below. 

Collection and Logistics

With a range of drop-off points and services for collection and logistics, we have got you covered.

Solar Panel Recycling

Do you have solar panels that need to be removed and disposed of sustainably?

System Recycling

We provide a one-stop-shop for solar recycling including inverters, mounting equipment and cables.​


Newcastle Drop-Off Point Open

Newcastle’s New Solar Panel Recycling Drop-Off Point Introduction: In a significant leap towards fostering environmental responsibility, the City of Newcastle proudly introduces a state-of-the-art drop-off

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