PV Industries is an Australian company aiming to reduce our environmental footprint and make society better off by diverting solar panel waste from landfill.

James Petesic

Timothy Dawson

PV Industries

PV Industries is an Australian owned recycling company aiming to minimise Australia’s environmental footprint.

Our goal is to stop solar panel waste from being sent to landfill by collecting and recycling as many end of life solar panels as possible and supplying the recovered material to local manufacturers.

We provide solar panel and photovoltaic system waste services including decommissioning, collection and recycling for residential and commercial customers.

PV Industries are leading solar panel recycling in Australia, working with prominent universities and government organisations to develop processing technology and comprehensive solutions. 


PV Industries are leaders in solar panel waste management and we aim to shape photovoltaic (PV) recycling in Australia. Through strong leadership we believe we can deliver real action by educating society and demonstrating the benefits of solar panel reuse and recycling.


Our business grew from strong moral principles in an attempt to reduce Australia’s environmental footprint, so integrity is at the core of our business. Our high level of service is founded in honesty which allows us to build trust with our partners and clients. 


We believe that our collective society should be held accountable for the waste that we create. Many Australians are sceptical of recycling, misinformed and lack an understanding of how their waste is managed and recycled. We aim to change this, being held accountable by our customers as they deserve to know what happens to the waste they recycle.

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