Podcast Feature: A Positive Climate

PV Industries is featured on an episode of A Positive Climate

Podcast Feature: A Positive Climate

PV Industries is featured on an episode of A Positive Climate!

A Positive Climate is an uplifting podcast about tackling climate change. An inspiring look at the products, people and technologies making a real difference.

Hosted by Australian climate technology experts Alex McIntosh and Nick Zeltzer, two friends on a mission to find the solutions to keep our existential crises at bay. We cover it all on the show while keeping things optimistic and accessible: electric planes, waste eating maggots, plant-based meats, hydrogen made from beer, the solar revolution, the coolest new sustainable products and much much more.

Tim Dawson, co-founder and CEO of PV Industries is on a mission to ensure that solar panels can be 100% recycled. PV Industries has created a recycling line that can pull apart a solar panel into its raw components and then sell them to various industries for reuse.

In the episode they cover:

  • How Tim and his co-founders started the business
  • What happens to solar panels at the moment once they stop working
  • The key inputs to a solar panel and those that are the most valuable to recover
  • The future of solar, solar recycling and what other industries might need to consider either recycling or a whole reinvention of their mode of doing business

To listen to the podcast click here

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