PV Industries: Circular Solar Phase 2

This project is a NSW Environment Protection Authority initiative funded from the Circular Solar Phase 2 grants program

PV Industries: Circular Solar Phase 2

PV Industries: Circular Solar Phase 2

Advancing Circular Economy for Sustainable Energy Solutions in NSW

PV Industries proudly introduces the PV Industries: Circular Solar Phase 2. This project, part of NSW Environment Protection Authority’s (EPA) Circular Solar Grants program, builds on the success of our Circular Solar Trial project. This project has been funded under the NSW Environment Protection Authority’s (EPA) Circular Solar grants program.

The EPA is supporting this project through its Circular Solar Grants Program with funding of $2,371,580.

This forward-thinking initiative is poised to establish a robust circular economy for solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, and inverters in New South Wales (NSW). In alignment with circular economy principles, the project emphasises the promotion of reuse, repair, refurbishment, and sustainable end-of-life processing, diverting valuable materials away from landfills.

Project Outcomes:

  • Establish a high-capacity recycling facility in Sydney, leveraging PV Industries’ innovative “De-framer” and “De-glasser” technology and include a commercial prototype for recycling the PV laminate
  • Implement a reverse collection and logistics network to serve both metro and regional NSW that will maximise transport efficiency, divert waste from landfills, create jobs, and keep recycling efforts localised
  • Onshore warranty support and end-of-life processing for inverters
  • Commercialise PV Industries’ solar panel testing solution allowing solar panel installers to test solar panels in position without individual removal, optimising performance and generating instant reports for clients
  • Develop end-markets for recovered solar panel glass particularly in high-value construction applications

Background Information:

PV Industries, the leading solar panel recycling and resource recovery company in Australia, has assembled a robust project team to tackle industry challenges. This team is supported by a strong network of partners including the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

The PV Industries: Circular Solar Phase 2 project is a testament to PV Industries’ commitment to innovation, sustainability, and responsible resource management. This pioneering effort is set to elevate NSW’s position in the circular economy landscape, creating a shift in how we approach and manage end-of-life solar technologies.

Timothy Dawson, CEO of PV Industries, expressed excitement about addressing the growing waste issue in NSW, emphasising the project’s support for the expanding solar industry. The ongoing initiative will further divert solar panel waste from landfills, boost economic activity, and showcase the business case for a safe and sustainable circular solar and battery economy in NSW.

“The ongoing support from the NSW EPA has provided PV Industries with a strong foundation to deliver viable recycling solutions and be market leaders both domestically and internationally,” says Timothy Dawson.

“The Phase 2 grant funding has allowed PV Industries to consolidate its findings from the Circular Solar Trial and begin to scale up our solutions for the circular solar economy.”

If you are part of the solar industry and you would like to learn how you can help support this important project you can contact the project team here or contact us using the button below.

This program was made possible thanks to funding from the NSW EPA’s Circular Solar grants program.

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