Did you know that solar panels can be recycled? Solar panel recycling has economic and environmental benefits.

Solar Panel Recycling

Do you have solar panels that need to be removed and disposed of sustainably?

PV Industries is at the forefront of solar panel recycling in Australia. We provide alternative solutions to conventional landfill options. Solar panel recycling offers economic benefits such as supporting local manufacturing, recovery of materials which would otherwise be lost, increased security of future raw material supply and job creation. 

Environmental benefits include avoiding the production of potentially harmful soil and water leachates. Solar panel recycling also reduces the impact and extends the life of existing landfills. 

The recovered materials such as glass, copper, plastic, aluminium and silver are reused in local manufacturing processes, supporting industries and promoting circular economies.

PV Industries are able to facilitate the collection and recycling of solar panels and other system equipment waste such as:

  • inverters
  • batteries
  • aluminium racking
  • cables
We provide services to household owners, commercial tenants and solar installers all the way to EPCs and utility-scale service managers.
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Questions about solar panel recycling?